Pottery for Professionals

Made in Shigaraki, Japan


Made in Shigaraki, Japan

Stunning Presentation

Made in Shigaraki, Japan

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Harmony Between Food & Ware

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Let your culinary creations shine with perfectly paired dishware to complete your presentation. The natural beauty and charm of the dish itself are also brought out through the cuisine.

Our earthenware is praised by top professionals of the culinary world for conveying a warm feeling of hospitality while delighting the senses.

Reveal the Essence of your Work

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All our earthenware works are designed with the goal of producing pieces that can embody and express an aesthetic which naturally complements your culinary creations. Whether your style is traditional or contemporary cuisine, our one-of-a-kind earthenware created with joy and pride will augment your expressive energy for delightfully dynamic dishes.

Works Showcase

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The Hissan Story

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1300 Years of Shigaraki

Our quality is rooted in the tradition and techniques of Shigaraki Ware developed over a history of 1300 years.

As one of Japan’s oldest pottery crafting communities, Shigaraki has produced a wide range of ceramic wares while adapting to the changing needs and trends of history.

The defining features of Shigaraki Ware are its raw, natural texture and a warm, earthy color palette. The overall feeling is said to embody the traditional Japanese aesthetic known as wabi sabi, and thus has been a favorite among the great tea masters throughout the ages.

Our History

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Modern Methods for an Ancient Art

While embracing the methods and traditions of Shigaraki Ware, we also strive to build on this foundation, incorporating cutting-edge techniques to offer our customers the utmost quality.

Beyond just aesthetics of shape, color, and texture, we are committed to satisfying the practical demands of everyday culinary use with pottery ware that is easy to handle and designed to overcome common problems of earthenware.

Our Craft

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Map & Access


Hissan Toen Co., Ltd.
766 Nagano Shigaraki-cho
Koka City, Shiga
JAPAN 529-1851

Access Info

By Train (about 1.5 hrs from JR Kyoto Sta.)

From Kyoto Station, take JR Biwako Line (Eastbound) to Kusatsu. Transfer to JR Kusatsu Line for Kibukawa to connect to Shigaraki Kohgen Railway. Get off at Shigaraki Station and walk for 20 minutes.

By Car (about 1 hr from Kyoto, 1.5 hrs from Osaka, Nagoya)

From Osaka/Kyoto: Take Meishin Expressway Eastbound until Kusatsu JCT. Follow exit to transfer to Shin-Meishin Expressway. Exit at Shigaraki I.C., then take local roads for about 10 minutes.

From Nagoya: Take Tomei Expressway Westbound for Kameyama JCT to transfer to Shin-Meishin Expressway. Exit at Shigaraki I.C., then take local roads for about 10 minutes.

For more details, see the map above or Google Maps.

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