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Technologies and Methods

Modern Methods for an Ancient Art

While treasuring the long-standing traditions of Shigaraki, we also believe the ability to adapt and change are a part of that tradition, allowing the craft to continue and the art to inspire. Therefore we also strive to pursue new methods, technologies, and innovations in our work. This endeavor is not only to ensure appearance quality, but also to create superior pottery ware by applying new technologies, optimized for practical features such as:

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Color Precision Achievement

The hue of pottery ware is dependent upon the blending interaction between clay and glaze, as well as the kiln’s precise control of internal temperature. Most potters do not handle the blending process themselves, however we have succeeded including this important step with accumulated expertise and techniques to inform this process which enables us to consistently provide products to meet the exact colors specified by our customers.

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Shape Accuracy Optimization

We have developed flexible and versatile crafting techniques to provide the utmost precision not only for common shapes, but also for any unique piece you may have in mind, such as rectangular plateware. Taking into consideration your desired shape and cost estimates, we create quality products suited to your exact needs.

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Surface Hardening Innovation

Common drawbacks of pottery ware are susceptibility chipping and mold growth due to the relatively soft porous surface. To address such issues, we have collaborated with a local research agency to develop a hardening technique for the surface of pottery ware. This collaboration enabled us to produce highly usable and practical products that still manage to maintain the desired appearance of pottery.

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