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Showcase Item Orders

Works featured in the Showcase gallery may be ordered directly via our contact form. Please see the Order Notes below for more details regarding all orders.

Custom Orders

Custom orders are fulfilled via the 5-step process below. Additionally, see the Order Notes immediately below for more details applying to all orders.

Order Notes (applies to all orders)

  • Any product prices shown or listed do not include shipping or handling fees.
  • Shipping methods, handling fees, delivery times, etc. may vary based on quantity and destination, so we will provide you with the precise details before completing your order.
  • Standard minimum lot is 10 pcs. For sample orders, please see our online shop.

Custom Order Process

In principle, we request the opportunity to meet you in person to better understand your specific needs and vision as we believe this is integral for our custom-made ware.

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Our 5-Step Process:

1. Contact

To request an order, please contact us by telephone or email. The contact form on this site is submitted via email to initiate the process.

2. Consultation

At our office, we'll consult with you for details about your idea and plans and provide our own input toward reaching an optimal solution.

3. Quotation

We provide a proposed timeline and price quote according to your needs. Details regarding shipping method, fee, and delivery time may vary based on order quantity and destination, so we will provide you with as much information as possible during this stage of the order.

4. Production

Following mutual agreement, we will begin the production process. Production time varies, but should reflect the schedule as specified in the quotation.

5. Shipment

We will carefully package and ship your completed order.

To Begin Your Order:

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